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Childcare Services
Childcare Services
At Toddlers Tech, we offer a range of programs to help parents while providing children with a comfortable and nurturing environment. In addition to childcare for infants 6 weeks of age up to preschool, we also offer before- and after-school care for children of schooling age up to 5th grade.
Our facility is equipped with a variety of features to help make your child’s stay fun and educational. With arts and crafts tables, a library with reading areas, computer stations, and areas for manipulatives and dramatic play, we give children a variety of options for growth and development.
Services We Provide
• Child Safety
• Hygiene
• Child Nutrition
• Academics
• Active Learning
• Social Skills
• Arts & Crafts
• Computer Technology
• Social Skills Development
• Structured Activities
• Pre-K & Preschool
• Character Development
• Hands-on Learning
• Child & Adult Food Program
Contact us in Wilmington, Delaware, to learn more about the extent of our childcare services.